Hottest Unknown Artists: The Ultimate Spotify Playlist

Commander’s orders led you here, to a perch thirty-stories above earth’s surface with a single chord acting as your life-support. Your objective: Save the United States’ president.


With your harness fastened tight around your hips, you step towards the building’s ledge and peer into the industrial chasm. Cars flow below, a current of headlights and exhaust. Your heart races, pounding, telling you to turn around and abort the mission. But time is running out. Seconds melt away on your wristwatch, counting down to imminent zero. Is saving a life worth risking your own?


The cinematic orchestra plays an anxious melody that matches the emotions stirring within your chest. You weight your options, but only one prevents an assassination. So you adjust your goggles, latch your life to the zip-line. And when the music reaches a pinnacle . . .


You jump.


We are sent on missions every day—to school, work, etc. But even though buying milk from the grocery store might seem less thematic than zip-lining off a building, all missions require one main essential.


An epic soundtrack.


Nashville, Tennessee has been my home for the past seven months. I live in the middle of Music City, attend one of the top music schools in the country. The majority of my friends are musicians; you’ll most likely hear them on the radio in a few years. Needless to say, music surrounds me all the time. When I’m not at concerts or listening to my favorite tracks, I’m playing my guitar and writing songs. Because of this, I’ve come to realize that music is so much more than music. It’s emotion, art, something that surrounds and influences us.



Don’t settle for average, over-played music. Be inspired and influenced by the lyrics of up-and-coming artists such as Fleurie, Leah, and RAINEY. An extraordinary life demands an extraordinary soundtrack!


Or an extraordinary playlist.


To help you explore the musical realm, I’ve created three unique playlists composed of the hottest unknown tracks. So whether you’re putting on your makeup before school or writing a novel, the songs listed below are sure to make your daily missions thematic.


Your objective: Complete the Ultimate Spotify Hit List.



Energy Boost Playlist:
Don’t Know What Else To Call It RAINEY
Fire In My Bones Fleurie
Powers Lostbowcrow
Please Don’t Go Joel Adams
Bad Habit The Kooks
Wildwood Fleurie
When You Fall In Love Andrew Ripp
Blue Skies Noah And The Whale
Wait Just A Minute Myzica
Hold On Rivvrs
We Come Running Youngblood Hawke
Where the Kids Are Blondfire
Masquerade Sleeping At Last
All My Days RAINEY
Paranoia Max Frost


Life Vibes Playlist:
Harlem Cathedrals

Feeling It



Pools Glass Animals
Continuum Young & Sick
Is This Love? James Arthur
Running for Cover Ivan & Alyosha
Slip Away Gabrielle Aplin
Waiting for My Time to Come Colony House
Heart Beats Johnnyswim
Wild Ones Bahari
Open Season High Highs
Girl You’re Alright Paul Otten
Big Bird in a Small Cage Patrick Watson


Creation Acoustics Playlist:
The Woods Hailey Gardiner
Hunger Ross Copperman
Fly – Acoustic Meadowlark
Illusory Light Sarah Blasko
Go Gracie and Rachel
Lost Here Fauntella Crow
Made of Stone Matt Corby
Tribes Neulore
Let Me Down Easy Max Frost
For You Once A Tree
When It Comes To Us Frances, Ritual
Ocean Eyes Billie Eilish
In Quiet Rooms Ollie MN
Unbreakable Jamie Scott
Steady Act As If
All We Do Oh Wonder
In Circles Patrick Watson
All I Want Dawn Golden
The Loved Ones Sanders Bohlke
Harbour Lights A Silent Film




About the Writer:

Caroline George published her debut series, The Prime Way Program, at age fifteen. Since publishing, she has been nominated twice for the Georgia Author of the Year Award, gained readership worldwide, and has spoken at various libraries, schools, tradeshows, and coffeehouses.

Caroline grew up in Georgia but now resides in Nashville, Tennessee. She spends most of her time writing, eating too much sushi, playing guitar, and spreading her passion for young authors throughout her community.


Insta: @authorcarolinegeorge

Twitter: @PrimeWayWriter