What Does It Mean to Be an Overcomer?

What  comes  to  mind  when  we  think  of  an  “over-comer”?  A  strong  person?  Someone  poised  for  battle  with  a  sword  in  hand?  Someone  who  conquers?  Perhaps  it  reminds  us  of  having  control  over  something.  I  mean,  what  does  it  mean  when  we  feel  overcome  with  fear,  dread  or  even  excitement?  It  consumes  us!


For  us  to  be  over-comers,  there must be something  to  overcome…  but  what?  Fears,  hate,  guilt:  they  all  effect  our  quality  of  life.  They  also  have  something  in  common—they  are  not  from  God.


Maybe  when  we  first  became  a  Christian,  we  felt  quite  excited  and  ready  to  tackle  a  Christian  life,  but  something  changed  along  the  way.  Satan is  clever  like  that.  He’ll  tell  us  lies  ever  so  slowly,  so  that  we’ll  begin  believing  them  one-by-one.  By  the  time  we  feel  an  utter  wreck,  Satan  will  have  us  believe  that  we’re  the problem—or  even  that  God  is.


Even  understanding  that  Satan  tells  us  lies  and  we  can  believe  them,  we  often  don’t  realize  to  what  extent  we’ve  fallen  prey  to  his  traps.  


“It  annoys  me  so  much  when  she  does  that..”

“I  hate  how  he…”

I  feel  like  strangling  him!”


Even  thoughts  like  these,  that  seem  somewhat  minor,  can  be  suggested  by  the  devil.  They  might  sound  petty,  but  if  we  take  the  bait  and  go  with  them  and  Satan  continues  in  this  subtle  manner,  thoughts  can  lead  to  an  attitude  and  before  we  know  it,  we  have  a  whole  negative  attitude  towards  someone.  If  we  feel  this  way  towards  anyone—even  if  they  do  things  that  make  us  angry—if  the  attitude  seems  like  an  overreaction  and  we  can’t  really  verbalize  why  we  feel  that  way  towards  them,  then  it  is  likely  to  be  the  crafty  work  of  the  devil.


The  good  news  is,  once  we  identify  these  wrong  attitudes,  half  the  battle  is  won!  We  can  bring  it  to  God,  ask  His  forgiveness  and  be  renewed  in  Him.  God  overcomes  it  all…  He  is  an  Overcomer!


So  if  we  want  to  know  how  to  be  an  Over-comer  ourselves,  who  better  to  look  to  than  God?


“Do  not  be  overcome  by  evil,  but  overcome  evil  with  good.”

–  Romans  12:21


We  can  love.  When  we  see  “love”  written,  it  can  sometimes  feel  like  love  is  a  “soft”  alternative.  I  mean,  if  we’re  given  the  option  of  loving  or  fighting  someone  who  has  hurt  us  deeply,  fighting  sounds  like  the  strong  option,  right?  


Well  actually,  it’s  easy  to  get  angry  and  retaliate;  it’s  hard  to  love!  Loving  when  everything  in  us  wants  to  cause  harm  is  an  incredible  strength!  Whilst  the  world  condemns  it  and  looks  on  it  as  weak,  it  is  the  most  noble  and  difficult  thing  to  do.  Love  is  a  choice,  not  a  reaction.  And  yes,  it  hurts.  But  there’s  no  greater  weapon  that  stabs  deep  into  the  enemy’s  heart  as  love  does!  It’s  the  ultimate  over-comer  because  it  destroys  conflict  and  hatred!


Here’s an encouraging song to go with our topic! Overcomer by Mandisa 




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