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Both PURSUE’s magazine issues and our blog are written by a team of column writers, contributing writers, and teens. We are open to guest posts for both the blog and the magazine, and are currently searching for permanent columnists. If you would like to join our writing team for either the blog, magazine, or both, please see the following:

Last Updated 4/25/19

Other Positions:

PURSUE is more than just writers, we have a:

  • creative team
  • teen advisory board
  • marketing team
  • advertising team
  • social media team
  • photographers
  • web design
  • graphic design

And so many other gifts and talents that underlay the surface of what goes into creating this magazine. If you have a gift that you would like to build your experience in, please *please* fill out the below form and we’ll see where you would best fit on our team to not only grow YOUR talents, but to help PURSUE reach other girls so they can grow in their gifts and talents too!