Best Friend Vows for Teen Girls


When we get married, we have a large ceremony where we confess our love and commit ourselves to our future spouse in front of our family, friends, and God. We promise to be there for better or for worse, for richer, for poor, in sickness, and in heath. To strive to love one another and glorify God together until the day we die.


But many people forget about the unspoken vows that we make to our best friend.


My best friend. She’s the girl who stood up for me in second grade when the bully knocked me off the chair and called my red bow weird. She’s the girl who came to my house in middle school practically every Friday for sleepovers.


We watched the High School Musical premiere together, auditioned for plays together, and spent summers eating barbecue chips and watching Netflix. She’s knows when I’m having a bad day by the look in my eye or the tone of my sigh. We’ve gotten in to trouble together and experienced the most epic adventures. She’s always has my back. She will do everything within her power to protect me and make sure no one hurts me. She’s always on my side, but she knows when she needs to call me out. She always points me back to Jesus.



She knows when I need to cry or when I need to get in a car and just drive. She’s been on family vacations with me and got ready for prom with me. She cries with me and laughs with me–and at me. She knows when I need to eat French Fries and have a dance party. She knows when to sit with me and giddily talk about that boy for hours and is the first one to hug me when he breaks my heart. She’s there for me for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness, and in health. She’s my person, my other half–the one person who understands me better than any other person on this planet.


In return for all you do for me, I take you to be my best friend my faithful partner who will be able to love me more than any boy will. I promise to let you obsess about that guy as long as you need. I vow to make sure you always look good–but more importantly, that you always do your best and are striving to live a Godly life. I promise to gently point out your flaws in hopes that we can grow better together. I promise to never let you eat alone and rescue you in awkward situations. I promise to text you constantly and send you cat photos when I know your stressed out.


I promise to encourage you and to love you through the good times and the bad. I will always be there to make you laugh to lift you up when you are down and to cry with you. But most importantly–I promise to love you unconditionally, forever and always.



Allie Chambers is a nineteen-year-old English and French Double Major living in Nashville, Tennessee. She currently writes for her school’s section of The Odyssey and also was recognized on state-wide level for her poetry and short fiction. On a day by day basis, Allie is just a normal redheaded girl that loves people, books, the Lord, and the world that surrounds her. She loves getting to know others and trying to find the best way to serve them. She feels that words and conversation are the best way to get to know someone. She hopes to use her words to spread God’s love for his children.