Ben Hur: Music Soundtrack Review


Jewish prince, Judah Ben-Hur, is falsely accused of treason by his adopted Roman brother and condemned to slavery on a warship. When a battle causes the ship to sink and gives Judah his freedom, he returns home to seek revenge but instead discovers forgiveness and new beginnings at the feet of Jesus.


A remake of the 1969 movie, Ben-Hur, shatters Christian film stereotypes and proclaims the grace of God in striking special effects, a captivating cast, and beautifully composed screenplay.


The film’s music is equal in quality with an epic score by Marco Beltrami (The Giver, World War Z) and soundtrack by Sidewalk Prophets, For King & Country, Jon Foreman, Big Daddy Weave, Andra Day, and other well-known artists. Ben-Hur captures the emotions of a man who loses everything but gains more than he could’ve ever imagined.


I went to a screening of the movie on my brother’s birthday and fell in love with the story’s proclamation and powerful music, which has made a terrific addition to my writing playlist. Some personal favorites include:


Never Burn Out . . . Stars Go Dim

The Only Way Out . . . Andra Day

Your Love Is Enough . . . Jon Foreman

If We’re Honest . . . Francesca Battistelli


The album can be found on Spotify at . . .


Ben-Hur will not leave you disappointed.



Caroline George published her debut series, The Prime Way Program, at age fifteen. Since publishing, she has been nominated twice for the Georgia Author of the Year Award, gained readership worldwide, and has spoken at various libraries, schools, tradeshows, and coffeehouses. Caroline grew up in Georgia but now resides in Nashville, Tennessee. She spends most of her time writing, eating too much sushi, playing guitar, and spreading her passion for young authors throughout her community.