About PURSUE Magazine

About Our Magazine

Embrace your uniqueness. Tap into your potential. And Pursue the impossible! 

Being a gifted, God-fearing young woman can be a daunting challenge in this crazy world! There is so much pressure on you to do “what’s popular” or to make the “smart decision” about your future, and when you focus on these things, it’s way too easy to lose sight of those dreams that bring butterflies of excitement! At PURSUE, we want to encourage and inspire you to develop those talents and gifts that you have and also to keep pursuing God with everything you do. Our goal is to help you see the fullness of your potential and who God created you to be, and most importantly, to embrace your beautiful uniqueness as you pursue your God-given talents.

In our magazine issues and blog feed, you’ll find Christian-based encouragement and inspiration on general topics in life, such as relationships, friendships, school, healthy living, beauty tips, fashion, movies and books, arts and creativity, and so much more! We also have several dedicated writers who are committed to answering the deeper questions you may have, and offering their godly advice to get you through a situation.

We’d love to invite you to PURSUE who God created YOU to be! Our magazines are released in the Spring and Fall but you can follow our blog for weekly updates! Also, connect with other Pursue readers on our Facebook group and follow us on Instagram!

Meet Our Team!

PURSUE could not happen without the dedication and superb talents of each and every girl on our team! We are so blessed to have these young women working with us and we pray that they will truly bless you as you get to know some of them through their articles. Feel free to connect with any of them on social media as well!

Pursue’s Writers!